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10 Morning Habits That Can Ruin Your Day

A video gives us ten habits that many of us do which we need to leave behind if we want to do more with the day ahead of us and become more successful.

10. Hitting the Snooze Button:
When you decide you want some extra time in bed remember that when you go back to sleep after pressing snooze button you re enter a new cycle of sleep, which you never get to finish. This will cause you to be groggy and confused as you get up and remove your focus for the day.

9. Checking your Phone:
It may be very tempting to go straight for your phone when you wake, but this can lead to immediate stress. Remove the temptation by keeping your phone away from you until you ready.

8. Drinking Coffee first thing:
There’s nothing wrong with coffee to get you going before you start the working day, but try drinking water as the first thing before anything else to help your body adjust to your waking moments.

7. Not making the Bed:
Making the bed acts as a ritual which promotes your drive and gets you ready for more tasks that lay ahead of you. It is a simple process which helps you get organised.

6. Eating empty carbs and sugar for breakfast:
Eating healthy in the morning is a great way of setting you up for the day, and sugar doesn’t last very long – lowering your energy levels very quickly. Have protein to keep you energised for longer allowing you to accomplish more.

5. Leaving the Curtains Closed:
Seeing the sunlight as you get out of bed helps your concentration for the day ahead. If you decide not too, your body can still feel like it’s asleep and you get up not ready for many hours to come.

4. Saving Stretches and Exercises for the Evening:
If you don’t stretch out in the morning your body will feel stiff for the day. Start off easy and build into full on exercise to help with your morning routines, both in keeping your physical activities going and also for the work you need to do.

3. Brushing your teeth after breakfast:
It may be tempting to brush your teeth after breakfast so you can remove everything before you head out for the day. But that food and drink can damage your teeth as they are not fully protected.

2. Making Phone Calls:
You may not be fully focused as you wake up, and also perhaps are other people you need to contact. Wait until to you are fully awake before doing anything important over the phone.

1. Taking a Hot Shower:
When you have a hot shower your body relaxes, sending you back into a sleep state again. Go for cold to wake you up, helping you feel energised and alert before your work day begins.

How many of these habits do you do? Go through them and see if there’s any you do that you could try and break to help you feel more positive about your mornings, and get you focused to accomplish more.


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