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20 Principles You Should Live By To Get Everything You Want In Life

A video gives twenty principles we should focus on if we wish to get the very best from our lives and work towards our futures:

Success is not given. You have to work for it. It is not down to luck but the effort that goes into making success manifest. Use the list below to better your lives and begin to see the results you want.

1. There’s nothing you can’t have or achieve in life if you’re willing to work for it.
– The only limit upon yourself is you. You can be anyone you decide to be as long as you stick at it and never give in.

2. Take responsibility for your life and you will take control of your life.
– Don’t make excuses for your current situation and do what you need to do to make things happen. Let go of the weights holding you down and move on.

3. There’s always something to be grateful for.
– No matter what stage you are in life be thankful for the things you do have rather than the things you do not have. Think about it everyday and you will have a better life.

4. Follow your own path.
– Don’t follow other people’s opinions just because you can, have your own voice and take on your own journey. It is the only way to find your passion.

5. Never stop learning and working on yourself.
– Always strive to improve yourself each and every day and grow, build upon yourself to get to higher levels. The more knowledge you have, the further you can expand your life.

6. Live with integrity.
– Always do the right things and be truthful to those around you. Do what you need to do even when no one knows you’ve done it.

7. Give your all.
– You have to put in one hundred percent all of the time if you wish to see the results you desire. Love what you do and never stop the passion that resides in you.

8. You can change the way you feel at any moment by changing your focus.
– If you begin to find yourself in a place you do not wish to be, learn to shift until you back on the right track.

9. Don’t chase money, follow your purpose.
– If you focus on the things that really matter to you, to get the job done and done well. If you concentrate on your craft the money will find you.

10. There’s no such things as failure, unless you fail to learn the lesson.
– If you continue to fail but keep on going, you never truly fail. The only time this would be true is if you give up and never try again.

11. The end result will be worth the sacrifice.
– Be prepared to sacrifice anything required now and know that when you finally succeed you will obtain everything you need.

12. Patience is power.
– Success never comes when you expect it to, so keep grinding and wait until the moment comes.

13. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy.
– Fight your corner and never think that everything you want will be given to you. It only comes for the work you put in.

14. Nothing that has happened in your past can stop you from creating a better future.
– There is nothing you can do about events of the past, so do not dwell on them. Concentrate on what you can do in the present to aid your tomorrows.

15. It’s never too late to be great.
– There is always time to be successful, so make sure that you don’t limit yourself because you think you are out of time.

16. Not everyone will be happy for you.
– Do not be stopped by others because they do not have the dedication to make their dreams come true, as they will try and bring you down to their level.

17. Habits make or break you.
– Be able to locate any bad habits you may have picked up and reprogram yourself with new ones by doing the things that push you forward every single day.

18. Fear is an illusion.
– Fear only exists in the mind, and once you know this you can stop the worry and anxiety over things and do anything you want.

19. Without direction, you’ll end up in the wrong section.
– Find your true goals and aim for them, as without you will go around in circles never finding where it is where you truly belong.

20. No one will believe in you, until you do.
– Know deep down you can do the things you set out to do, progress forward and show others the way.

Video by Team Fearless

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