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3 reasons you aren’t doing what you say you will do | Amanda Crowell

Amanda Crowell shows us that if we want to be the person we think of day by day we need stop thinking on our “Defensive failures” and slowly work hard towards our goals.

We often set goals for ourselves but then when it comes to the crunch we let them slide. We can stuck in these cycles and build up walls to never accomplish what we want. These occur by Amanda’s 3 defensive behaviours, and having just one of these in place will make it so much harder to achieve your goals:

1. Somewhere within us we feel that we can’t do the goals we set out to do. We believe that only talented people can do the things we strive for, and it is impossible for us. But it is in the hard work and constant failure that the real results happen. Embrace the mistakes, learn as you go and make the goals happen.

2. People like ourselves don’t do the things we want to do in life. We build up identities of who we are as we journey through life and become the people we think we should be. If anything threatens this, even if it would benefit us we all too often ignore it for the safety of our identity protection. So break this cycle, find those who are doing the things you want and find out how they mix identity with progression and learn from them.

3. You may value the thing you think you want to do for the wrong reasons. If you are doing something because you want to fit in or you feel that everyone else is doing it you will lose the interest in gaining it very quickly. But if you are passionate about something the urge to obtain it will be so much greater. Find the interest in things that really work for and make you want to work hard to obtain them.

If we can clear our minds and start to fight against these defensive failures we can achieve anything we want.

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