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3 Steps for a Brand New Life : Jim Rohn Speech

A speech by Jim Rohn on personal development gives us several tips on how to obtain the success we have desired and how to get motivated to create for ourselves:

1. Find out how things work:
– The main problem we can face is not having enough money to get things done, it is within not having any ideas. From that you can achieve the success and the money will come. So we must constantly learn to find the how. Keep writing down and figuring out and there will nothing you cannot achieve. Whatever you wish for focus on that so it will manifest in your future.

2. Go to work:
– Once you found out your how, act upon it and begin to build. Get the things out of head and into a format where it can begin to come life, and you can show others. Don’t do it small, think big. Make sure that numbers add up rather than limiting yourself to a few tries before you give in.

3. Don’t try to beat the system:
– Make sure that whatever you are doing, do it right. Even if it takes longer, do it the correct way. Be adaptable to any changes that come your way and don’t try to out do anything that is better for you because you’ve done things a certain way before. Play the right way to find success or it will eventually beat you down.

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