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31 Days | You’ll Never Be Broke Again!

A motivational speech by Darren Hardy shows us that we all have the choice to make our lives the best they can be, but we must be proactive and work hard everyday.

If you want more success in your life, it comes down choice.

Everything you have done up to now is all of your choices rolled into one. The outcome of all your actions leading to the present moment. The decisions you have taken may be small, but if the choices were made for the right reasons they will all lead to a successful life.

All of these small decisions that lead you in the right direction will stack up in the long run, finally showing you big results for your ideas, your business and beyond. They may not seem to be having any impact at the start, and you could easily lose your way. But if you keep going, thinking on the long game those seemingly insignificant choices will have great effect.

From this we learn to continue the impact of creating the small choices even when success has come our way. We learn that by keeping going the effects of success will continue to stack and have major benefits for us. But there is no quick fix to success. Take each day as it comes and decide to make the most it. Make the decision to be proactive and move forward, rather than fall behind each day and make your dreams come true.

It may take many years to show, but it will happen. There are no overnight results. It is down to the hard work you put in and sticking at it.
Success is earned, not won. It is hard. But it is worth it.

Power comes from what you do with what you know. Act with your knowledge and you can achieve anything.

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