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5 ANXIETY and WORRY tips that work | Preston Smiles

A video by Preston Smiles gives us some tips to get rid of the worries that lay within, to enjoy life and move forward with a passionate joy filled purpose:

1. Don’t forget to breathe:
– When you focus on worry and feel anxious you may not be breathing in a normal manner, which can in turn lead to more anxious feelings. Take some moments in your day to focus on your breathing and feel better about things in the process.

2. Fact Vs Fiction:
– We often create moments in our minds which are negative. We can see the bad that may happen as we progress in life, which will lead to lack of motivation for the good. We are building the anxiety for things that happened yet. Instead, build your life on what you know rather than what you don’t.

3. Hot Potato:
– Our thoughts can linger and burn us, much like the hot potato game if we do not get rid of it quick enough. Decide to let go of the worry, not be held by it, and move on with positive actions.

4. Powerful Questions:
– Ask questions to your negative worry thoughts and see what that bad scenario you are in is trying to teach you. Life is all about learning, and asking questions to the place you find yourself in will help you see what can come from it.

5. Have fun:
– We have become so stressed in life that we often forget that life is there to be enjoyed. Make sure to put some time aside for fun activities and enjoy the experiences around you.

Video by Preston Smiles

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