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5 Destructive Mind States | And How To Tackle Them

A video by Einzelgänger gives us five mind states that we need to overcome in order to live a healthy and productive lifestyle, and how we can push past them.

1. Guilt. This comes from the feeling when you do something bad, and have made a mistake we regret. Be aware of the mistake, but never keep the guilt going. When this happens any other negativity around us becomes our fault, and any other mistake we make is crippling. Accept the errors we make, but also learn to forgive ourselves and move on from mistakes we cannot do anything about so that we allow positivity back into our lives in the future. This will stop the spiral of bad things happening.

2. Attachment. Having desire to not be separated from an object or person, of which you do not love. Being attached to someone or something like this leads to other negative emotions and stress when you are separated or think that you will be. To help overcome this you can simply practice the art of letting go, and learning to truly love to remove this need from your mind.

3. Jealousy. You wish to have what others have, but this wish to obtain the property of others leads to negativity of the person who has it and also yourself for the lack of ownership. To tackle this it is best to feel inspired by others and use what they have as a goal to aspire to and also feel happy for them in order to promote positivity in your own life. There will always be people more successful than yourself so understand this and be be happy for what you have in the present moment.

4. Fear. The fear of things can lead to worry/anxiety of events to come which become exaggerated by our thoughts and feelings and lead to us thinking the worst of our futures. Do not let fear hold you prisoner to your futures for the good of your health, as they are are just fantasies that can be overcome. If calm the mind through mediation you can understand the fear to rationalise it, seeing it as just an emotion overcome and also you try exposing yourself to your fears to gradually get past them.

5. Anger. This is a very destructive force which can pull apart everything around you, and will hurt yourself in the process. Do not put barriers up which could sabotage relationships because of these feelings, justified or not. Learn to forgive those who makes us angry and not waste our time being negative when you restrain yourself and think on the positives more.

Video by Einzelgänger

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