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5 Easy Ways to Build Superhuman Self-Discipline – James Clear

A video spoken by James Clear takes us through several tips to help build ourselves as people and keep on track to better ourselves in the future.

1. Design your Environment
The items we have around our desks and other areas influence how we behave and can either help or hinder our success. If we decide to remove things from our space that cause procrastination we can be more productive. Make positive things obvious to yourself and those things will become part of your life and help positive habits build.

2. Make it Easy
Make habits manageable, even to a very easy point where you just get into the actions of something you want to do but don’t actually do it. After some time of doing a few minutes of prep a day, you soon discover that you build into the person you want to be and fully act upon that something which makes you a better person. Establish the habit before building on it.

3. Master the Entry Points
The true habit matter comes in the form of the going to, rather than the being at. If you make the decision to go to the gym, to get out of your house and take the journey then the battle is much easier to win. When you get up, if you decide to start work before anything your day will be dictated by that action.

4. Join a community.
The people around us can reinforce or alter our behaviours so we feel like we are fitting into something. If there is something we are striving for, we need to look for those who will push us forward with this so the things we do are normal and become part of out lives.

5. Use Variable Rewards.
Bad habits linger with us because the immediate reward is so good. Good habits have the opposite effect and it is only after a long amount of time we see the benefit. We need to sometimes give ourselves little rewards for the hard work we are doing so we experience a little bit of short term good whilst we continue down the path.

Video by FightMediocrity

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