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6 Ways to Stay Motivated in a Corporate Environment

My first couple of years behind corporate walls were full of ups and downs that eventually lead to me feeling miserable and hating my job. My motivation would come in waves, often dipping and staying at a low for weeks on end. My determination to learn and grow kept me going, although, I do admit that there were times when even that wavered. 
After doing everything I could (or so I thought at the time), I figured that it was time to move on to a new job. It very quickly became apparent that this was not the solution. The new found excitement and motivation to succeed in my new role was fleeting, but temporary. No matter how much I tried to compensate by keeping my personal life exciting, I soon realised that I needed to learn how to play the game if I was going to keep myself motivated and happy at work. Here are 6 simple but effective tips I have learned along the way that will drastically boost your motivation in your corporate job!

Most of us have figured out by now that working “hard” and killing ourselves at the office after working hours rarely gets you recognised. Do the work that matters and learn to politely say ‘no’ to the petty stuff that’s not going to get you results because it gets you nowhere and is definitely no good to the company. Use your time wisely and only do the work that really matters.

The grapevine is a dangerous source of information and can so easily suck you in. Stop caring about everything you hear in the office, whether they are rumours of top level decisions being made or changes to processes and policies. Caring so much about the things that don’t resonate with you will drain you and rob you of your motivation. Remain motivated in the present moment by doing your work to the best of your ability and building a network of the people whom you trust and care about and realise that anything beyond that is not within your control. 

Spend time with your colleagues and get to know them on a personal level outside of work. This will improve your working relationships and will lead to a more enjoyable experience at work. You’d be surprised by how inspired you might feel by the people you build a connection with. 

Do you find yourself bored with your job? My advice to you would be to push yourself to do things that are outside of your comfort zone, things you wouldn’t normally think to do. Take on new projects and challenges, pitch that idea you’ve been holding on to for so long, but have been too afraid to voice. Not doing so can leave you feeling deflated, dissatisfied and demotivated. Instead, get inspired and follow through! 

It’s so crucial to ensure you are giving yourself the time to regenerate and the best way to do this is to get enough quality sleep each night. Putting into place a sleep routine will improve the quality of your sleep and will ensure you wake up feeling more energised and ready for the day ahead of you. Don’t be afraid to press the refresh button during the day by taking regular breaks form your work and stepping away from your desk for a few minutes every so often. 

Behaving professionally at all times is far more important than you might realise. An incident of poor attitude is not easily forgotten by co-workers or employers and could hurt your reputation in the long-run. No matter whether you are frustrated, angry or opposed to decisions or changes taking place, always keep your attitude in check! 

Shaista Kurji
Compass Coaching

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