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7 seconds to change your life: Alistair Horscroft at TEDxNoosa

Alistair Horscroft at TEDxNoosa shows us that change can be harder to act upon than people think and telling people to believe in themselves is a nice gesture but many times will not give the the desire results. When fear and negativity hold you back it is very tough to break the cycle and get what you want from life.

Our unconscious mind is faster than the conscious. This leads to the behind the scenes processes of your mind taking control and acting first, bringing your fears to front and stopping you in your actions.

Many times when you are told to act another way, or even think to yourself in a positive manner your brain will do the exact opposite when it is really needed. So we must learn to create spaces in our mind which will allow changes to more easily happen, and give the positive information in new ways which allow the right responses to occur.

Video By TEDx Talks

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