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On day when Marks was 18, his older brother waltzed into the living and announced “One day I am going to be a senator” his mum responded with something like “That’s nice dear” whilst Mark was distracted by a bowl of serial.

For 15 years this purpose informed all of Marks brothers life choices, what he studied, who he chose to spend time with, where he chose to live and even what he did with his vacations and weeks. And now he is the chairman of a major political party in his city and the youngest judge in the state, In the next few years he will be running for office for the first time.

Don’t get Mark wrong, he says his brother is a freak. Most of us don’t have a clue what we want to do with our lives. I believe we get stuck in that Dickin’ About Stage. It wasn’t until 28 that Mark realised what he wanted to do with his life.

Part of the problem is with “Life Purpose” itself, it implies that we are here for some cosmic mission, the same shitty logic that Mark believes goes into things such as spirit crystals or lucky numbers.

Here is the truth according to Mark:

We are here on this earth for some undermined length of time. During that time we do things, some of these things are important, some are not important. The important ones give our lives meaning and happiness, the rest just basically kill time. When people ask themselves “What is my life purpose” what they really mean to ask is “What can I do with my time that is important” this is an infinitely better question to ask. This question has a practical real world application without all the esoteric fluffy stuff of “What is my life purpose”.

Listen to the full audio article by Mark Manson below and subscribe to his incredible Youtube channel. We also highly recommend his book “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck”

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