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A series of speeches show us that whatever happens we must stay fixed on our goals and ignore any negativity that comes our way if we truly desire success.

Whatever you wish to accomplish in life, you must stick at it as you never know what might be around the corner. Things can sometimes seem so far away and you give in when you were so close to achieving everything you wanted. The things that are worth it, take time to build. Play the long game and always focus on the end, whether you face the good times or bad. Remember it is easy to move forward when all is going well, but it is in our toughest moments when perseverance really counts.

Problems are what you make of them – you can choose to let it overwhelm you or tackle it to move onward. The biggest mistake you can make is to fall, and decide to stay down.

If you can keep your head when everyone doubts you, but never doubt yourself you can focus on all you wish to be. If you learn to never hate others, even if they may hate you and blame you for their failings you can push in the right direction without interference. If you can wait it out whilst you aim for your dreams success will be close by. If you never work for what you want you will never grow into something more.

Be prepared to risk it all, lose and start all over again. If you can do this one day you will win.

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