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Bishop TD Jakes – The Urge To Quit ( Powerful Motivational Video)

A speech from Bishop TD Jakes shows us that we will be tempted to give up on our dreams and goals all to often but that we must push past our fears and achieve our successes.

All of the people you aspire to, the great people in your fields of work will have overcome the urge to quit in their lives and gone on to become those you look up to – and those you may wish to become. It does not matter what you have at this present moment or that you have to spend longer achieving your goals. All that matters is that you keep pushing forward.

Be prepared for the curveballs that will try and throw you off and sacrifices you’ll need to make. It will not be easy, but that’s the point. If you really want something you will make it happen, and get rid of the feeling making you want to give up.

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