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Bodybuilding for the brain | John Pelley

A video by John Pelley shows that exercising the brain is just as important as the body, and we can learn to so with great effect by building our learning experiences.

Body building is a very visual way of self improvement – we work out, we see the results after a certain amount of time. When we know what to do, which muscles we want to improve and how to improve them we can go out and do so. But this is also a technique for our brains too. If we wish to become more intelligent we must understand how our brain works to maximise its effects.

Much like the muscles we grow when we work out, we have to keep learning to grow our brains cells as they brach out more, building out internal hard drives. This happens during sleep, as it replays the events of the day keeping those most important aspects and removing the necessary. Which is decided by the emotions associated with them.

We all have certain skill areas which we may want to improve on, and by using meditation, attaching more details to your ideas, extending your learning and even talking to yourself you can build on these to have a greater impact on yourself and your life.

Video by TEDx Talks

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