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Break Free From Anxiety and Fear | Eckhart Tolle

A video by Eckhart Tolle shows us that fear and anxiety can be stepped away from with the correct focus to get you back to the person you wish to be.

Fear and anxiety can be habitual, being a constant presence around you or arise suddenly, leading to possible fearful thoughts. With many thoughts running through our minds we can all too often overthink things and from that comes scenarios of negativity which will feel real in the present moment regardless of any actual threat to you or not.

In either case we need to acknowledge the fear, realise that it is all happening within the mind and not externally, and take the conscious decision to step out of that scenario feel the relief from the grip of fearful thoughts. Take a few deep breaths, concentrate on the moment and move away from those thoughts holding you down. If we realise that the space we are in can be both full of fear, but also joyous in frequency we can choose to focus on the one we desire.

If you know you are in the grip of fear but cannot escape it, take comfort that at least you are aware that you are being gripped and at some point will be able to focus attention away. To know is the key, so identify with that and slowly push away from those thoughts.

Video by Eckhart Tolle

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