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Breaking The Loop of Anxiety | Colin Bien

A talk by Colin Bien shows us how we can all too easily become stuck in stress whilst striving for happiness, but also how we can learn to break from this negativity.

We are all trying to better ourselves, but when we push ourselves to the very limits of what we can do it can lead to stress, and from that anxiety. We keep working hard for happiness but never end up being able to find it because what we do ends up taking us away from it. We need to learn to breakout of habits which keep us pinned into stress and into new ones which can enrich us.

Once you accept the fears you have which lead to anxiety you can start to combat them. When you realise that this happens because of a vicious circle, leading you back to the same negative thoughts and feelings you can break it and slowly regain yourself in all aspects of your life. When you learn to implement new habits you can start to improve your life and become less stressed, taking away the feelings of anxiety and panic.

Discipline, motivation and continuity all lead to the ability of great routines, and from that a positive life – but you need all three to really make it work. Learn and find ways to better yourself, slowly introducing them as new routines and stick at them to really see results.

Video by TEDx Talks

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