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Cruel Life Lessons That Will Help You Get To The Next Level Of Life

A video takes us through many points that will help us get into the right mindset for our lives and allow us to progress further for continued success.

You don’t fake it until you make it.
– People being fake, in any industry or profession is easily spotted and seen for what it is. Be you in whatever your doing and show how genuine you are.

We’re all just “Winging It”
– We are constantly learning and improving. There is no such thing as perfect, and we need to focus on continued growth for out futures.

You should value your time more than you do.
– Avoid those things which waste your time, even if you think you are being productive. Time is an escape into productivity, so use it wisely.

Saying no is the discipline you need.
– Saying yes to everyone is another waste of Eire time, if it does not suit your own goals. Give yourself the space to do your own things effectively.

You really shouldn’t have “just one more”
– There is never a need for more of what stops you doing what you love. Thinking this way gets you stuck in bad habits and will slow your progress.

You’re not that much of a big deal.
– Having a huge ego about yourself can often lead to people turning away from you, so be interested in others and think less on you.

Finding your unique value is a moment of awakening.
– What is it that you have that could help others out? Once you find out you will open yourself up to happiness and options for the future.

Honesty is super sexy.
– Do not make it habit to exaggerate the truth in your favour. Be clear about yourself and your actions and you will be better person to those around you.

We all have our own problems.
– As individuals we are always searching for our truths. No one is concentrating on your mistakes so be free to explore and work on your best self.

Your idea of success changes over time.
– As we grow old, we see the world through new eyes and different experiences. Just keep working on your successes of the time and all will work itself out.

Doing what you say you’re going to do is a superpower.
– Many people say they will do something, and then let themselves and those around them down. Make sure you act upon your intentions and people will respond well to you.

We all have to build something.
– Building is growing as people. If we do not grow we are not using our full potential and wasting what time we have when we could be creating something special.

You don’t work as hard as you think.
– Many of us think we are pushing ourselves to our limits, but is just a trick in our minds. When you really put in the effort you will see dynamic results.

You also don’t take a break as often as you should.
– Working hard is important, but so is knowing your limits and taking time off when really needed. Recharge to work at your maximum potential.

Quitting is sometimes necessary and really hard to do.
– Id you know deep down something is really not for you, then go and try new things so you can maximise your output in the correct areas.

Subtract rather than add.
– Only add the really important stuff to your goals, and remove anything that slows you down. Give yourself time back for the things that really matter.

Who am I?
– Be self reflective all the time, and keep asking yourself this to find the true you who will bring success.

Your neighbour is not that fly.
– Those around you always say they are successful, but in many cases it will not be so. Never compare and concentrate on your own plans.

Don’t tell us, show us.
– Talk is cheap. Many can spin a good yarn, but don’t actually have any evidence to back up their claims. Work hard and show what you can do.

It’s not who you are, it’s who you become.
– Don’t worry dos much about where you are now, but constantly think on who you will be down the line and make sure that you get there.

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