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David McCrae – Write Your Own “Oscar Speech”

David McCrae talks about how it may seem lonely on our adventures of projects, but that we must remember those who have helped us by thanking them for their support.

“At the annual Academy Awards, it is traditional to give an acceptance speech.
There is also a traditional format to the speech.

Everyone stands there, holding the gold figurine and unleashes an outpouring of gratitude.
They thank their co-stars, the director, the producer, their manager, their agent, their parents, their partner, their children.

What you learn is that this big successful movie star isn’t a self-made person.

There are so many people who have supported and contributed to their success.

Just like the movie star, you also have people contributing to your success.

This is why I encourage people to write their own “Oscar Speech”.
Think of an accomplishment you are proud of, and start thinking of all the people who supported you to make that happen.

The parent who installed belief, the teacher who sparked passion, the friend who provided comfort.

Write a list of this people and address the speech to them, outlining how they helped you.
This is a task you can do just for yourself to stimulate gratitude, but if you are feeling particular adventurous, you can let the people who you address in the speech read it. You can even assemble them and read it out to them.

You are never alone in your efforts. There are always people around you who are supporting your every move.”

Article by David McCrae

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