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Do Not Run Away, Face Your Challenges | Josh Shipp

A speech by Josh Shipp shows us that we need to remove the negative thoughts from our minds and tackle our problems head on to move forward in life.

As we go through life, all of us will face challenges – sometimes they will be small and easy to overcome, and sometimes they will be big – which have the possibility of stopping us in tracks and not letting us achieve our full potential. This may include people, who try and bring you down, use words to hurt you which stick in your mind. This leads to depression and the avoidance of facing anything head on, as you begin to doubt yourself and what you can become.

However, what we must do is deal with these issues head on and not run. If you run from your problems, big or small they will continue to be right behind you for the rest of your life. You may be afraid to turn and see what it is behind you, but if you have the courage to turn and deal with any situation you can remove the negative voices in your head and see a life full of living and potential.

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