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Do What You Like, Like What You Do

Bert Jacobs shows us why focusing on the right things in our lives right now is the key to having positivity moving forward with our goals.

We need to focus on the opportunities that come our way, rather than the obstacles that may present themselves – as we get older we tend to see more of the obstacle than anything else. In doing this we can become stressed and it keeps building the feelings we do not want.

As we go through life we should keep thinking on the happy and good moments we have, remembering them to keep ourselves in a positive mindset. If we are surrounded by negative stories we end up becoming negative, and must fight the nature they bring to be happy and breed that response in others.

This is the same in our work. If we enjoy the jobs we do and enjoy the journeys we go on it promotes a great feeling for us, and in turn those around us – and it will keep going. We need to be optimistic and love the roads we travel down, spreading joy wherever we go.

Video by TEDx Talks

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