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DOMINATE 2019 – New Year Motivational Video

A short motivational set of speeches empowering us to step up our games and make now the moment where we take control and get everything we’ve work hard for.

Did you make plans at the start of the year – and have you accomplished them? Did you stand up and make everything you wanted happen – or did you talk about doing them with no actual progression?

Alot of us will put back our goals, saying we will get to them soon as things get in the way. But doing so will get you nowhere as there is always something to stop you, unless you really want it. You have to find the time, and make commitments to achieving your dreams. The time is always now, and those who really want something will put in the effort to stop making excuses and do it. Whatever the cost.

Remove the talk. Stick to a plan. Do the work.

Video by Ben Lionel Scott

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