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Don’t Die Unhappy – learn these 9 life lessons | Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin, in his rather comical fashion takes us through his 9 life lessons we should all consider as we take our own journeys through life:

1. You don’t have to have a dream, but consider setting many short term goals on your journey.
2. Don’t seek happiness, give happiness to others and you may find some yourself.
3. We are lucky to be here. Be humble and compassionate.
4. Exercise. Take care of your body and take up a sport to keep you focused and fit.
5. Be hard on your opinions. Make sure you are on the right track and thinking clearly.
6. Be a teacher. Even if you are not a teacher make sure you give your knowledge to others.
7. Define yourself by what you love. Do not be negative to others, but give back positively.
8. Respect people with less power than yourself. Don’t treat people “under” you any worse.
9. Don’t rush. Fill your time with happiness and don’t let time pass you by.

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