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Dr Joe Dispenza | Morning Law Of Attraction Routine

A short video by Dr Joe Dispenza shows us that we must build up our abilities to focus on the things we want and remove the thoughts of the past for a successful future:

Give yourself the time in the morning to overcome past thoughts and to allow you to be ready for the day ahead. This may mean getting up earlier than you ever have before however upon doing so you will be more geared up for a productive environment around yourself.

Use this time to get into the right mindset and visualising what you want to happen for that day ahead. Remove the feelings of the past that will hold you back and focus on the now. This will allow you to build the future. Take the time to practice this ability of creating the right settings for your day and watch as everything falls into place.

It is down to you to focus on the right things which will give you the positive results you seek.

Video by Manifest Yourself

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