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Dwayne Johnson | Motivational Speech

Through a series of video snippets Dwayne Johnson shows us that we can accomplish anything we want if we work hard each day and have a mindset focused on success.

When we begin anything, we must realise that many times we will get pushed back – that failure to succeed is just a part of the process, but this will give you valuable experience and aid you in learning for the future. Do not allow failure to stop you, keep pushing hard at what you want and one day you will see it happen.

As you push onward, remember to keep raising the bar even if you feel on top on everything. The only competition you should ever worry about is against yourself – don’t get comfortable and improve on yourself everyday. Keep making each day better than the last and you will slowly see results. And always do something that you are passionate about and gets you motivated. If you enjoy that certain something you’ve always wanted to do you will get up early for it and make the decision to grab it with both hands and not let go.

Embrace who you are, and make your dreams happen. Don’t waste the time, start now.

Video by MulliganBrothers

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