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Ryan is in his twenties and is the director of marketing at a publicly traded company, but Ryan had a vision for himself as an author and he was willing to bet on himself that it would work out. Ryan believes that your willingness to take big risks especially when your young is the difference between an avarage life and an extraordinary life. Ryan also explains that you might not want to make that leap until you have spotted the landing, so you need to know what you want to move onto before you move on from where you are.

Having the the right mentors at the right age has been a huge help to Ryan and he surrounded himself with authors he looked up to when he was writing his first few books. The leaders that Ryan looks up to are Emperors of Rome like Marcus Aurelius who had so much power but really wanted to be a philosopher.

In the video below by GerardAdams TV Ryan talks about his new books and the importance of being a student.

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