By Gosia Scarrott

Gosia Scarrott

Visibility Coach

I’m a Visibility Coach for female coaches and boss ladies who want to PLAY BIG in their businesses, show up FEARLESSLY and create a great impact in order to become a MAGNET for their ideal clients who love them and buy from them!

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So what to do to help women be more confident at work?

1. Create a kinder, less judgmental, less “perfect” company culture? The culture that makes you think “It’s ok for me to make mistakes. It’s ok for me to be “wrong” sometimes. It’s ok to grow and learn from my mistakes. It’s OK to not know all answers, because whom the heck know all answers anyway! The culture that says to an employee “YOU ARE ENOUGH” can do wonders to our personal development, creativity at work and brings fantastic results. Counterintuitive? Absolutely! And this is why we need it!

2. Provide to your employees an access to comprehensive self-development training and confidence/ personal leadership coaching (INSTEAD of doughnuts every Friday;-)) We need healthy MINDSET more than fat bellies.

3. When offering new managers the responsibility to manage a team, help them inspire and influence that team by building their leadership skills rather than leaving them to “sort it out” by themselves.

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