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End Your Struggle For Success

An article shows us that the main thing that can hold us back from our success is ourselves and we must feel positive about our futures to obtain the passion we need:

Do you struggle against yourself to do more, to get more done, to make bigger progress in the present? End your struggle for success. The struggle mode is one of inner conflict that blocks success.

Fighting against yourself never supports yourself. Even fighting against a destructive urge only strengthens that urge and makes it harder to resist. When you oppose a force you give your force to it.

Trust that you are always doing enough. The energy of trust is positive. It opens you to receiving what you want. It makes you feel worthy of what you want. You begin attracting good ideas and good people and good opportunities to help you. Trusting yourself opens the door to success.

Trusting that you are doing enough does not mean being passively dependent upon what happens to you. Take action as the ideas for actions occur to you. But don’t judge those actions as insufficient, including when you have no idea of what to do and only sit still, waiting for an idea to guide you.

Each time that you visualize yourself as not doing enough that is the condition you are creating. In other words, you are creating a blockage to your success, an opposing force to your success. At the same time you are making yourself feel miserable.

You release that block by releasing the self-critical idea that tells you that you are not doing enough, that you should be doing more or doing something else. From trust comes enthusiasm. You can feel that what you want is coming, instead of fearing that what you want is not coming to you. You feel that what you are doing is enough and that you are enough. You experience joy, the joy of positive anticipation. You expect a great idea, a great opportunity, just the right person showing up to help you, seemingly out of the blue.

Trusting that what you want is coming to you does not give you license to lead an unfocused and irresponsible life. It gives you freedom from worrying about not doing enough and not being enough as you do what you can, even when it seems that there is nothing you can do.

When you cannot think of what you can do that aligns with your goals, do nothing, but do it consciously. Pay very close attention to your present moment experience. Be on the alert to recognize inner guidance coming to you that sheds a light upon your way to your goals.

Notice what you are thinking. When your thoughts turn negative your life heads toward what you don’t want. Thinking about failing does not help you to succeed. You create what you think about. Just sitting in awareness, noticing and immediately letting go of any thought about what you don’t want to happen, helps you to succeed.

When your mind is clear of negative thinking that causes you to feel insecure, frustrated, powerless, disappointed your mind is ready to receive the good ideas that will lead you to those actions that will produce the results you want.

Are you in trust right now, or are you in fear? Pay attention to your feelings. Notice how you feel. The act of paying attention to what you are thinking and feeling is an action that pays off great dividends. It is the foundation-action for moving in the direction that you want your life to follow.

When you notice fearful, anxious feelings that tell you that you are not doing enough, just observe those. Stop thinking about what you want to accomplish and make it your first order of business to get back into a state of calm acceptance and trust that everything is going to be alright, that everything is going your way.

Relax your body, take some deep breaths, take a nap or take a walk to help you to get back into the inner peace of faith in the now. As you regain your peace you regain your power to move your life in the direction that you want it to go. Trust what you can do. Trust what you are doing. Trust your inner peace. Trust your trust. End your struggle for success.

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