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Entrepreneur | Motivational Video

A short, powerful speech gives us the energy to see exactly what takes to be an entrepreneur and how sticking at your passion will bring you everything you want.

Many people become an entrepreneur, but what does it take? It takes much sacrifice and a passion to stick at something when everyone else has long gone home and given up. You will have a vision, something that drives you always and keeps you hungry to see that vision succeed no matter what the cost. You are willing to go out there and create the work while others are happy to work for someone else.

You need to know you will make it, and that all it takes is time. If you can stick at something for years while others give up you will find yourself in a much better position when others can only dream of what you now have. If you have the hunger, the discipline and the ability to keep fighting as the world fights back then perhaps you can be an entrepreneur too.

Sacrifice today for a better tomorrow and become addicted to success.

Video by Daily Dose

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