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Eric Thomas – GET UP & HIT BACK

As series of speeches and quotes by Eric Thomas gives us the inspiration to find the best version of ourselves and to keep working for the vision we have inside.

You need to know yourself before you can progress in any endeavour. If your values do not align with your dreams then you cannot make the steps required to be the person you wish. If you spend your time learning more than anything else you find that so much more will open up to you – so obsess with self improvement so you can fight back at those who say it can’t be done. You have to see and feel the success before it happens. It is right in front of you as long as you can imagine it. Never quit on it. The only person who can dream like you is you, so make this your value to others.

If you have pain inside of you, use it – make it something that spurs you on rather than holding you back. The success that you want will not be given to you, it has to be earned so fight back against the hurt and hate you may face to make sure you are successful. Never stop growing, have the hunger within you and never settle. Work for it, and it will happen.

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