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Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong | Johann Hari

Johann Hari talks us through his research into addiction and our perception of it. That there is much more to be learned for our understanding and aid of others in this field.

The link to addiction can be tied with loneliness and lack of input you may have. But If you have a lifestyle full of family and work you love you will be very unlikely to be a addicted to anything. If addicts are punished, and barriers are put in place they are more likely to stay addicted to whatever source it may be.

The solution could be to give them more back, to give stimulus in life that keeps them fulfilled and happy and they won’t need the feelings of being addicted to something gives them. If you have that the certain something that gets out out of bed in the morning, that keeps you motivated that is all you will need in life.

He also talks about how the use of social media can isolate use further by taking us away from that real social connections we need in life. This makes us not only much easier to become addicted to something, taking us away from those who can help us but also that we are becoming addicted to the technology we have around us.

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