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So you have set up your businesss, built your websites, built a good solid following on your social media pages. Invested time and money into your business, put some coffee on and sat back in your office… what!?

Its time to find you ideal clients. Where do you look? who do you call, who do you email, what groups do you join. How do you network.

Building a brand is like a snowball, it gets bigger and gathers speed the more you push it. There is no secret formula (no matter who tells you there is) its your business, its your vision and only YOU will know where you want to stear your business. A good coach will listen to you, and guide you forward not push you in thier direction.

Your clients are out there, it all comes back to 2Things….SUPPLY & DEMAND

This video is pretty good (although they do  use the formula which lets face it…thats an amaerican word for baby milk)

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