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Fire Walking with Jermain Harris

We have been travelling all over the country these past few weeks, being lucky enough to be invited to some fantastice events. Last week we were invited by Empowerment Coach and Fire Walk Instructor Jermaine Harris.

Our Business and Life Coach Mark took part in the amazing event which ended with a fire walk accross hot coals. Our Success4 Media crew also set up thier recording equipment to cature the event as it unfolded.

We had a great time meeting lots of new people and covering the event. Its hard to put into words the effect that Jermaine has on his audience and how he effects everyone in the room. He is both funny, sincere and entertaining, he takes his role as an Empowerment coach and Fire Walk Instructor very seriously but still manages to make the process entertaining in of itself.

Here at Success4 we cannot wait to show you what we captured through our Success4 Media crew. Much much more to come from a event that we shall never forget. We highly recommend doing a Fire Walk with Jermaine who to invest yourself in his Empowerment Coaching.

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