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For People Feeling Behind In Life| Nathaniel Drew

Nathaniel Drew shares with us his thoughts as we try to make sense of our place in the world and that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others as we progress.

We often feel that we are being left behind. That others are doing better and we find it hard to keep up with them for our own successes. We compete constantly, to strive to be better – but end up missing out on some experiences on the way. We should be focusing on the work we are doing and trying to go our own way rather than setting the bar to someone else’s goals, as similar as they may be.

All of us will go through depression and anxiety at some point, and when we try to hit the expectations of others rather than our own we will always feel this more. This can come from the confusion of not knowing your place or not being happy with our status at a certain point in time. To fight this we must accept ourselves for who we are, love the place we are at in the moment, and stop trying to match the expectations of others.

There is no such thing as being behind – as we are all going through our journeys at different paces that work for us.

Video by Nathaniel Drew

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