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Freedom from Self-Doubt | B.J. Davis

Through the story of his past B.J. Davis shows us that we should always believe in ourselves and not let our negative moments define who we can become.

He tells us that we are the person that can change who we are and that only from within can we create someone who who become successful despite everything that seems against us. The future is in your hands and we shouldn’t let other people tell us how to react or be dominated by their thoughts. Self doubt only leads to sadness and will imprison you if you let it.

So do not get stuck and create your own miracles in a way only you can. Be happy in the knowledge that you are master of your destiny and if you decide to work hard persevere you can make anything become a reality. Our pasts can do two things – define or refine us – so if you have been caught in a life that you feel could have been better up to this point, use your past as a vessel to show you the light and steer you in the right direction for success.

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