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Flavia powell – NLP & Hypnotherapy Coach

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How do you know if your friends are good for you?

We all love to have friends. We enjoy having somebody to talk to, somebody to go out with, socialise with, connect with and all the other amazing things linked to human connection. Most of the time, this serves us well and fulfils our lives. However, at times it does the opposite. Some friends are there because they need something from us to feel that they belong and feel lost if we’re busy. Others need our company to stop feeling lonely and make us feel guilty if otherwise engaged. Others criticise us to make themselves feel better. Others are insecure, jealous and bitter. Others believe that the world owes them something. These types of friends are not the sort of friends who will help you succeed in your life or enhance your happiness. These types of friends will hinder your success, distract you from your goals, hold you back and drain you of your energy.

Have you ever caught up with a friend only to find yourself with a horrible headache at the end of it after they told you all about the troubles of the world? What about the friend who updated you on all the recent gossip? What about the friend who comes up with a reason why not to do something every time you suggest doing something? How about the friend who is constantly unhappy due to life being unfair? They tell you all about it and you listen in a caring manner because you love your friend but it exhausts you. By the time they leave you, they feel tons better because they offloaded everything onto you. They go off smiling whilst you are ready to dive into an ice cold bath to pull yourself out of the grey mist only for them to do it again the next time you see them. You really want to distance yourself but you feel so guilty and mean, right?

We become the average of the five people closest to us so surrounding ourselves with good people is vital for a successful and happy life.

Here are five ways which will help you figure out if your friends are good for you.

They inspire you – they are driven, motivated and knowledgeable. Spending time with them is a true pleasure as you always have something to learn from them. They inspire you to want to be successful, take action towards achieving your goals and give you a different perspective on life. You find yourself having amazingly interesting conversations with this friend.

They are positive – No matter what life throws at them, they view those challenges as exciting and resolve as much as they can without moaning or grumbling. They recognise the things which are out of their control, accept them and move towards improving the things they have control over. They are always grateful for what they have and see the positive outcome in everything. They fill you with positivity and help you cherish the little things in life.

They are trustworthy – They always do what they say they will do, they are honest and have your best interest at heart. If you do something they believe you could have done better, you can trust them to bring it to your attention without blame or judgement. Equally, when you do something they are proud of you for, they will be the first to tell you just how proud they are.

They empower you – They give you the strength to go ahead and obtain those goals you so much want. They know you can do it and they remind you of what a great job you are capable of doing. They encourage you to believe in yourself and to elevate your sense of self-worth.

They love your individuality – They recognise that we are all different and love you exactly the way you are. They smile at your quirkiness, admire your unique beauty and feel proud of your friendship. At no point are they jealous of what you have. They want all the best for you and value you.

These friends will fill you with positive energy. They will provide you with inspiration, relaxing times, interesting conversations, laughter and empowerment which will create strong support for you on your way to happiness and success.
Have a look around. What do your friends say about you? Who you surround yourself with is a direct reflection on where you are at in your life. Choose well for yourself and you will no longer be drained of energy.

Stay smiling 😊.
Flavia xxx

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