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From Homeless to Millionaire – 3 Success Lessons from Chris Gardner

A video featuring Chris Gardner, and presented by Evan Carmichael takes us through three tips which tell us how we can all succeeded in whatever endeavour we wish to focus on:

Chris’s story and his struggles to success were featured in the film “The Pursuit of Happiness”.

1. Get excited about something:
– When you have passion for something, it will be much easier to ride through the lows and enjoy the highs more. If you want to do that certain something everyday it will not even be work to you, it will be an adventure as you solve problems and work on making it bigger and better for the future.

2. Be the best you can be:
– You have to put your everything into your business or project to make it succeed. Sometimes even with your best efforts it may not happen, but by doing everything you could you will so much more for the next time and be able to stand with your head held high knowing that you did your very best to make something work.

3. Remember your roots:
– Decide too help those around you, not just for any financial gain but to simply give something back to those in need. Try and create opportunities for others so they have the option to succeed for themselves. If you know how hard it has been to get to the top, you can see the incoming struggles for others and make sure they are hardly seen again.

Stick to your vision, and never let the past hold you back in pursuit of your dreams.

Video by Evan Carmichael

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