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A series of speeches give us the strength to fight through any negativity we may have and to always move forward despite any barriers we face.

There will be many times where we feel powerless and helpless, where times get us down and grind us until we can’t stand it anymore. This will often lead to your emotions getting the better of you and will lose all focus for the things you love. But you must work past this to unlock the unlimited potential that resides within. Work on yourself everyday to do this – read books, listen to audio of your passions and learn. This will help you grow and combat the negativity trying to pull you down.

Know that there will always be somethings that are out of your control – but if you always try to succeed there is a chance you will, which will increase over time. If you simply stop, you will always fail. Take the knocks as they come, and keep pushing past them to accomplish your dreams. You will never be perfect straight away, mistakes happen. But that’s okay, as it is in the mistakes where we will learn who we are and who we truly deserve to be.

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