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A video telling us to never give in when all seems lost and to build yourself into a stronger person by pushing back against the moments which cause you pain.

We all have those times where we struggle, and think that our lives will not get any better than what they are now. It is constricting and painful. No matter what you do it seems that all hope is lost.

Many things happen that will be out of your control. But when faced with this we have the the control to act upon the negativity for the better. To not let it take us down forever. All the things that happen to us for the bad make us stronger. We toughen up and fight back against the darkness that surrounds us.

So fight through the unexpected when it occurs. Stand strong for yourself, and those around you whom may need help and don’t let anything take you down. Allow it to build your character. The key is to keep moving until you can see the light again.

Video by Ben Lionel Scott

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