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GPS For Success

If you were planning a trip to somewhere you hadn’t been before what would you do to get there? For so many of us especially in today’s world you would use a GPS.

One of my silent mentors and somebody who has had a great impact on my growth as a business leader since I first came across in December is JuVan Langford.

I went to an event in December that to this day I know awakened a sleeping giant within me. JuVan stepped onto the stage however rather than going up and giving us a pre arranged talk he noted that there was a lot of energy and a lot of healing that was needed within the audience. He stepped off stage and connected with 3 different people in a way that I’d not witnessed before and to be in the presence of someone who truly connected with people in front of him and could see through any facade or front.

I’ve since gone on to study more and more of JuVans work and connected with him in person and he has shared priceless value that I want to share with anyone looking into developing a deeper understanding of themselves and being exactly what you want into reality.

the following is the GPS model I have taken away that to this day guides me to higher levels of success.

– G is for Go first. In any decision you make when you want to be a leader, own a business make an impact on people’s lives YOU have to be the one to go first. When you allow yourself to go first you automatically show others that it is okay to do more, want more and be more. You create a pathway for others to follow.

– P is for passion. If you truly want to be successful passion is one of the most powerful driving forces to get you exactly where you want to be. True success includes happiness and if you’re passionate about your business, that passion alone will take you further than others, it’ll get you out of bed earlier than others and make all of those long nights seem a willing part of the process.

– S is for specificity. Without specificity how can you know where you want to go. It wasn’t until I heard JuVan speak of this that I realised how lazy I was with my language. Like with an actual GPS you have to be so specific on where you wanna go, down to the postcode. The flip side of this of course in you get what you ask for and truly believe. If you say ‘I wanna earn £10k a month but you’re acting and feeling broke, which one do you think comes into reality? JuVan shared a story of a woman who would constantly put out there, ‘all I want is a husband’ to her surprise all the men that came into her were married men. So get clear on exactly what it is that you want and make sure you’re putting that out, get a plan in place and be specific!

Following the GPS model has imprinted on me and guides my growth on a daily basis. Remember it’s okay to be the one to go first, no one else has been given your dream it’s your gift from your creator. If you cannot live with passion I argue are you really living? And finally being specific with exactly what you want is a key to bring it into reality.

Written by
Joshua Lee Graham

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