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Hack Your Brain For Success, Use Your Brain Correctly

Dr. John Ratey tells us that we must exercise the mind as well as the body, and in keeping ourselves fitter we give the best chance to our brains.

We must consider the brain like any other muscle in the body – it needs exercise to grow and will become stronger over time. We need to understand the brain in order to manipulate it for the better.

When we exercise the body we allow ourselves to function better through our minds, increasing attention and decreasing stress. It also enriches and helps our brain cells to grow allowing us to learn better and focus more.

If we do not do the right things to exercise the mind, doing things that keep us pinned down for too long we won’t be as ready to learn those things we need to push us in the right path. So make sure to fit in as much fitness for your body around your learning, even in small segments throughout the day to give yourself the right tools for your brain.

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