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“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and Believe it can achieve” - Napoleon Hill
From a shy African kid who was BULLIED so ashamed to raise his hand at University because people would make fun of my “FR...ENGLISH” accent a Powerful International Speaker!!!

Oooh YES!!! Things shift in your life when you take massive fearless actions. Attack your Fears with Vengeance because the Universe ALWAYS put the good things in Life on the other side of Fear.
Most importantly....NEVER ever let anyone’s opinion of you become your Reality, in order to change your Reality you MUST change your mentality, UPGRADE your network and INVEST in yourself.

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let me ask you a question….

Have you ever been accused of being weird?
If you have… then let me put a big smile on your face because that is a definitely a good thing!

When I used to work as a Microsoft Engineer, people thought I was weird because I always talked about passive income, making money in my sleep, travelling the world to share my story to empower, inspire & transform thousands of lives around the Globe.

People thought I was weird because I wanted more out of life, I was so Hungry for success… I wanted more abundance… I wanted more freedom. In a Nutshell, I wanted the power of choice to spend more time with my son and my loved ones!

I wanted to be an Entrepreneur to run my own business, I didn’t want to settle as another corporate drone stuck in the high spinning rat race doing something I wasn’t passionate about any more for the next 30 years and start living my life when I retire at age 65 with no juice left.

I was the weird guy who quit his high paid job in the City of London with amazing staff benefits package. We had a gym, luxury showers, a big canteen for staff, 3 kitchens and yes we even had beds in our office.

I resigned because I was in search for deeper meaning…I went through a self discovery journey to find my WHY. I started an online business a year ago and my weirdness lead to the amazing world of digital marketing and self-development.
I love personal development and I love continuous learning… People who aren’t into self-improvement will never understand you and might even call you crazy. Albert Einstein said: “If you stop learning, you start dying”.

They will accuse you of being the weird guy who attends seminars, reads motivational books, listen to audiobooks everyday and who questions everything…Just smile and say you’re nourishing & reprogramming your mind for ultimate success and fulfillment. You want to work smart NOT Hard…..
Playing a bigger game is not weird… It only appears as weird to those who have decided to settle for a life of mediocrity.

To the rest of the world, our efforts at self-improvement are weird. Mediocrity is the road most travelled by a great majority because it is the easiest as it offers the least resistance. People who choose to step out of line and be different are frowned upon, or at best, smiled at like a child saying he’ll become an astronaut when he grows up (that was me by the way LOL).

As a kid I dreamed of stealing the moon to hide it under my pillow just for me because it was so nice to watch. Growing up I realised that might be a difficult task to achieve, but at least if I miss my target meaning the moon I can fall right next to it and become……a STAR!

Don’t let small minds convince you that your dream is too BIG. I know how it feels to be lonely in the sea of people who ridicule or don’t understand your attempts at self-growth.

They call you daydreamer….always remember, if your dreams don’t scare you it means they are not BIG enough. You want to review your vision board & your Goals! Like Les Brown says: “Never let other’s opinion of you to become your reality but in order to change your reality you must change your mentality”

There ARE people like you in the world who care about being the best version of themselves whilst helping others getting what they want.
There ARE people whose lives have changed because of reading and acting upon self-help books, setting goals, imposing self-discipline, and doing all sorts of crazy things for the sake of “personal development.” ….or even watching a video of yourself that you posted, why not?

If you ever find yourself thinking “what it’s all for?” remind yourself that human nature is to grow, make improvements, and progress.
Mediocrity should NOT be normal. I feel grateful to be able to send inspirational messages to people like you brother.



Ivan Koula

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