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How craving attention makes you less creative | Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt tells us that we can become so focused on getting attention, that we lose the focus on the things we wish to create.

With the invention of new technologies, it has never been easier for everyone around the world to create the things they love and get their messages to huge numbers of people. However, what can come with this is the growing need for attention from others rather than the appreciation of the work that is created. It can become addictive, an obsession that goes too far which makes you loose sight of what you set out to achieve.

What we need to learn is that we can use these tools for good, and decide to collaborate more rather than compete for attention. If we decide to pay more attention to others and the work they are doing everything gels together for the good of all. More can be achieved rather than the loss of creative fulfilment that comes with solely trying to get attention for yourself.

Learn to remove the distractions around you and pay attention to the things that make you progress and achieve. This will lead to happiness.

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