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HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL ? – Soul Sister Centre

The modern woman works undeniably longer, harder, and takes on greater work loads than ever before. The ever-increasing demands to do, see, be, have & create MORE 24/7 are soaring; and we must hustle hard in such a way that looks totally seamless – never mind the fact that behind closed doors is a highly-caffeinated, exhausted, lethargic, malnourished human struggling every day to find satisfying work-life balance!

The pressure to be productive + have it all together, all of the time is frankly overwhelming. But the burdensome weight of societal expectations will only get heavier if you consistently focus on the peripherals AKA comparing yourself to others.

Left unchecked, “adulting” simply becomes too hard, the soul burns out, and the temptation to turn to things like emotional over-eating, apathy, alcohol, laziness, etc seem all the more merrier than a frantic imbalanced lifestyle!
But then, how do I manage to: work full time, run a side-business, eat greens, pay bills, drink water, workout regularly, cook, save money, clean, be a quality soulmate/soulsister/bestfriend/daughter/sister, go to church, listen to podcasts, lifecoach, book holidays, watch documentaries, run social media accounts, research, have a skin regime, get a mani pedi, do pilates, read books, journal, walk the dog, surf, run an epsom salt bath, practice daily solitude, participate in women’s group, take phone calls, set goals, catch up with friends, study the Bible, plan date nights, hike thru nature, reply to emails etc etc etc AND STILL REMAIN SANE?!

Is maintaining a healthy balanced life even possible, practical or purposeful?

Yes, but only if you decide to live on purpose, with purpose of course. Keep scrollin’ soul sister…
“How we live matters, and what you choose to own will shape your life, whether you choose to admit it or not. Let’s live lightly, freely, courageously, surrounded only by what brings joy, simplicity, and beauty”
Present over Present authored by Shauna Niequist (A must-read)
As always, I can only speak for myself and talk in light of my own experiences, failures + success stories. Here are my tips to leading a more soulful way of life, in the midst of a full schedule.

1. Don’t try to balance, instead prioritize

I don’t attempt to live in perfect balance, ever – where everything in my world is evenly proportioned & getting equal attention. To me, trying to fairly split time + energy between each sphere of life for the sake of fitting it all in, means everything gets just enough focus to remain mediocre.

Instead I live by priority, and flow in seasons – where certain tasks take precedence for a period of time until the desired/required outcome is championed; and then I move onto the next. If that means less critically important things take the backseat or receive less investment for a season, in order to fulfill the current #1 priority to its best potential, then so be it. Hence it is crucial we quantify our primary values, and prioritize our time and energy around those.

Listen to podcast: EP.28 The Life Coach School by Brook Castillo

2. Journal

How are you supposed to live a life according to what you love & value most, if you don’t actively take the time to write down your priorities, set goals, make action-plans, time track + document what is important? I have an entire blog on journaling.

3. Accept the imperfect life, and choose a positive mindset anyway

Some days I don’t miss a single beat & my “to-do-list” is all ticked off.. other days I’m drowning in my agenda – but regardless of the kind of day it is, my personal thoughts, feelings, reactions + responses are entirely up to me. I can’t control the circumstance, but the circumstance does not have to control me. Life is always messy but you can own the experiences by choosing your mood and mentality. If your attitude is forever at the mercy of what is “happening” externally around you, you will suffer regardless of whether you have 1 or 30 things on your timetable.

4. Make sure when you say yes to anything, that you aren’t saying no to yourself

I am professional at saying NO, and will unapologetically reject anything that is not congruent with my priorities. If my life feels like a shambles, it’s probably because I’ve obligingly said yes to something that was really a no in my heart.

When you know what is important, it is easy to ignore everything that is not. I am clear on my priorities, I respect my boundaries, I am aware of what I can handle, and I will only commit to a project/person if the work or relationship aligns to what is critically important in the present moment. Otherwise, my forced “yes” is inauthentic and I show up in the world with only half of my God-given potential.

5. Implement Coaching tools for effective time- management

The Wheel of Life is an incredible tool that helps you assess: the major areas of your life, what’s off balance, and where the disparity between time spent VS actual satisfaction is; and subsequently how you can set meaningful priorities accordingly.



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