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Richard Willett


Richard is the Media Content Manger for He has a BA Honours in Film and Television Production from ARU in Cambridge where he went on to manage the Multi Camera TV Studio as well as teaching film editing, directing for film and writing for screen.

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Richard has worked at BBC Voice, managing the television studio as well as running Appletree Media Norwich which made documentaries and promotional video's for social services. He also worked in broadcast Radio at BBC Radio Norfolk and Star Radio in Cambridge. He now manages the online content for as well as creating the video and podcast content for Success4 and Success4's clients.

He also mentors on his Feed Your Social Media Monster training course which he designed and delivers to help success4 clients to creative innovative and creative content for their social media pages.

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Ouch! I could not do it anymore. There I was, sat in front of my computer with needle sharp pains shooting up my back, down my arms and into the tips of my fingers.

I was done.

I couldn’t press a letter on the keyboard.

17 years of sitting at a desk writing software all came crashing down in an instant. I had ignored the pain for months. I thought I’d be ok.

I had no contingency plans, no savings, two young children, no sick pay and no health insurance. Sitting at a computer for 40 hours a week was no longer going to pay the bills.

I wanted my children to be inspired and proud of their Dad as they grew older. I knew I should be a success yet I still hadn’t made it.

It was time to figure out how to make money by teaching what I knew.

Afterall… what else did I have to sell?

I’d seen others online make it and quit their full time job. I was going to get me some of that time and freedom too!!

However I soon realised that regardless of what I knew that I would have to figure out how to market myself online.

I also would need a system and road map to teach people what I knew.

I was sure I could teach people how to use software in their business.

I offered my time for free at first finding out what people wanted really want. I still had no money coming in but I was learning fast and people began recommending me.

People wanted results and they were tired of trying to figure it all out on their own

They wanted to build their online business and they needed to know how to do it. They needed to know how to find their customer as well as do the tech stuff. I needed to learn how to communicate.

Then came my big breakthrough. I remember it clearly. I got my first paying private client. They paid me just over £2000 to build out their funnel for their gym from a single Facebook post. I was ecstatic.

I hired a freelancer as I couldn’t do it myself due to my hand problems. I began to develop my system and tell people what I did. I learned public speaking and started to say yes to speaking opportunities.

The clients started coming in I was paying my bills and had the spare money to re-invest into ads. I also had the time to start building my business further.

It wasn’t easy at first. I didn’t get my message right first time. But I wasn’t going to quit.

Since then I have spoken from stage to hundreds of people around the world in Holland, France, UK to Canada and the US.

In 2017 I won two awards… “International Brand Builder of the Year” and “Best Content Creator of The Year” from two of UK’s most successful business networks.

I was so proud. I now have a private mentorship program, events, courses and a real love for the people I work with.

I work with entrepreneurs, mums, dads and anyone who has a story to tell, teaching to share and a better quality of life they want to have.

You have a course inside of you and a book. Perhaps you want to get new clients online or to fill your first workshop or even.

What really fires me up is that the people I work with are all contribution focused people. They want to model and copy what I do and the quality of life I have.

Things got even better…

I formed a partnership with a world class author and publisher to create a second brand teaching people how to write and market their message through their books. 2018 is going to be epic!

I would never have dreamed two years ago that people with such success and experience would want to work with me in this way.

Who doesn’t want to create a four figure a month business… quit their day job and make a difference in the world? Four figures will just be the start for you…

But my finest moment was when Bethany, my six-year old daughter held one of my awards in her hand and said “I want to win awards for helping people too Daddy.”

I’m so grateful. It hasn’t always been an easy run and there is plenty more to be achieved.

So if you’re waking up every morning wondering when things are going to change… then make the change. Don’t wait until it’s too late. We are the most fortunate and privileged people in the world.

We each have a responsibility to live well, generate wealth and make the world a better place.

It starts with You.

Re-write your story.

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