By Monika Kloeckner

Monika Kloeckner

Life Purpose Coach with a Passion and author

Monika Kloeckner is a Life Purpose Coach with a Passion and author. She has helped women to change their minds on being addicted to food with her unique technique and coaching style.

But her real passion awakened when she studied a life purpose course in February 2017 to April 2017. She connected with the subject and noticed that she had arrived at her life purpose destination: inspiring and empowering women to find and live their life purpose.

Monika lives in the South East of England where she hold talks and workshops throughout the year.

Monika's book Food Addiction No More - 21 days to change your mind on overeating for good can be purchased on and

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Coaching with Monika is a breeze. She is friendly, a good listener and has a wealth of experience. Thank you for helping me. Linda K., Scotland

At first I was sceptical about trying out theta healing. But after a taster session with Monika I was sure that I could change my life. I have felt better and happier after my second session. Sarah S., London

When I contacted Monika for life coaching I felt stuck in my career and relationship. Monika has helped me to sort out my life step by step and discover my true passion in life. Monika, you are a star. Stephanie, Croydon

Monika is an inspiration. She helped me rediscover my long forgotten passion: being an artist. After I got married, I concentrated on having children. But now my children are adults and go to university. I felt a bit like an empty nester. Monika helped me to decrease the gap of feeling alone and doing something meaningful with my life again. Suzy H., Wales

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I often get asked by clients how they can create more meaning in their lives.

But how do you define meaningful? What does it mean to you?

When you live a meaningful life you live has value and adds value to the people around you. Your life becomes less stressful and you are content and happy.

So, what is the secret of achieving this kind of life?

Secret #1: Examine your core values.

Your values define you who you are. If your job is pretty soulless but the money is good, you may notice that you are often tired and feel sluggish and listless. The reason for being, your values are not aligned with the work you are doing.

Take some time to reflect on your values and think whether they are in line with the work you do. To compensate the lack of balance with your job take up a hobby that makes you happy.

Secret #2: Your belief system

Our beliefs have been shaped since childhood. Negative beliefs such as , “I am not good enough” or “I will never amount to anything” can act as a stumbling block in our lives. Other beliefs are that “I can’t change my life anyway.”, “This is the way it is.” We can change our beliefs by changing them. Tools to help you change your beliefs gradually are writing down positive affirmations. Create cards with your favourite affirmations and take them with you in your bag and read them throughout the day repeatedly.

Another tool many people use is creating a vision board. Cut out pictures and quotes and glue them on to a cardboard. Then, place it on a wall so that you can see what you have created daily. This is a good option to manifest your meaningful life.

Secret #3: What are your energy zappers?

It is often not consciously known to us how much energy we give away. Energy zappers are stress at work, gossip about a colleague, financial problems, arguments with your partner or children, taking your pet to the vet…

However, your biggest energy zapper is your mind. Whenever you worry about life you give away energy. Ask yourself whether you can solve a problem you worry about.

If yes, then follow this 6 step problem-solving plan:

1) define the problem,

2) brainstorm solutions,

3) look at the resources you have,

4) evaluate the pros and cons of each solution and put them into order,

5) choose a solution and create an action plan,

6) Review the outcome.

Secret #4: Add spirituality to your life

Unlike the general interpretation of the word spirituality, in my opinion it has nothing to do with religion.

Spirituality means that you exchange the “noise” in your life with peace and calm. How can you do that? When I mention “Noise” I am talking about the stress, the thought processes that occur in your mind regularly, but also the noise such loud music and watching TV daily

Instead, connect with nature more often. Listen to calming meditations. My favourite tool to connect with mind, body and spirit is listening to forest rain on my iPhone every evening. It calms down my busy mind and helps me to relax. To me this is bliss!

If you are a believer in angels, purchase yourself an angle oracle deck and connect with angels. You will notice that you will receive more and more guidance from them as you go along.

There are many possibilities to add spirituality, simply by manifesting your life purpose and the life you want to lead.

Secret #5: Practise visualisation

This is one of my favourite practises. I love this exercise. It helps me to release stress and hence is a great stress reliever.

It helped me to become 100% intuitive. Intuition is a very important tool to have when it comes to discover your life’s purpose. You connect with your mind, body and soul easily. I was able to build inner belief and confidence more quickly.

Try the following exercise: Find a quite place. This can be in your home or in nature. Sit down and close your eyes. Then think about your favourite destination. Mine is the Amalfi Coast in Italy. To calm my senses I often visualise the coast and the houses there. I really soak in the picture I have in my mind and imagine that one day I would live there.

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