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Do you like the idea of having a button for confidence?

You press it and it plugs you into a desired state, instantly.

For instance you may want to feel confident at the upcoming public speaking event where you are speaking or when you have that important business meeting with an influential person.

You feel nervous, anxious and wish you could feel just cheerful, excited and super confident instead.

Now it may be possible with one simple NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Technique called Anchoring.

It works for many people, it doesn’t for others but by all means it’s worth giving it a go.

The concept is based on 3 simple steps:

  1. Recall the most recent situation in your life where you felt really confident about yourself. What’s important here is not the situation but the feeling of confidence you felt.

Tune in to that feeling completely, close your eyes, picture it and feel it.

  1. Turn on the volume, colours, sounds and other variables in your mind as if you were making your inner mental movie.

The movies you play in your mind (memories) are like the Movie Showing in Cinema. You know that the qualities of sounds and pictures can make a movie a better and more memorable experience. Same concept here.

In order to live that memory again you need to create a more “rich” movie (see the video for further tips on that).

  1. At the peak of that inner experience create a “button” and anchor the state. You create the “confidence button”. You press it when you need to access the desired state and voile!

It turns you from an anxious to a confident person in any situation you want.

Now, the effectiveness of this method is influenced by how acute your senses of sight/ sound/ touch etc are. The sharper your senses the better your ability to create a more spectacular movie of confidence in your mind and then access it via the button.

You can evolve your senses by listening to Baroque Adagio music (sound) or trying a painting class/ creative tasks (vision), walk barefoot on the grass (kinaesthetic) and so on.

Mindfulness practice is a great start!

And the rest is your willingness, open mind and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Let me know if you decide to try it. Best results are achievable with the guidance of a coach. You are welcome to sign up to my free session in which I help you create that “button”.

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