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How To Find What Your Passion Is In 5 Minutes – Sadhguru

A video featuring Sadhguru shows us that our passions are key to making a life built upon solid foundations and that we must never lose what we love at the pressure of others:

Think Clearly about what you want in life. Time is finite and we cannot do everything that the world has to offer. Some things will stand out to us, the things we love and want to be a part of – here is where our focus should be. We must make sure that what we do now is something that we could look back on and know we’ve made the right choice. That what we’ve done has made impact to our lives and to those around us.

Our purpose is to live a life that we can be proud of, not one chasing after other peoples lifestyles. Do what you love for yourself, and no other. Be your own person with the passion inside to drive you forward, and not listening to others who may not know what makes you tick.

Video by Mystics of India

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