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How to fix the exhausted brain | Brady Wilson | TEDxMississauga

People who are dedicated to something can also be depleted in their tasks due to the wrong kind of support they require. They want to work hard but through other factors they cannot engage as much as they would like. Losing the ability to think properly, their focus has all but gone for the important things needed to be done.

If others try and take stress from you by taking jobs off your plate it can make things worse for you, showing that you cannot do it on your own. What matters most to people is key in understanding how they work effectively.

To do this you can but simply ask and engage with their wants. When you work with someone and build up a connection with them you also build a sense of trust which can further enforce relationships and bring back their drive.

Do not assume you know the best for someone, help people see the opportunities in front of them
ask what you can do for them and allow them to flourish.

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