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How to Get Your Brain to Focus | Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey takes us through how we can all be distracted less through the everyday tasks we have and become more creative as a result.

We are often distracted by the technology that surrounds us. If we decide to cut down on this behaviour, which grows as time goes on we can become more attentive to the things we really wish to do – and in the process create more ideas and plan effectively to make them happen.

When we have all these things going on around us we become over stimulated, not able to focus on one thing for too long. If we teach ourselves to become a little bored each day, the mind becomes less stimulated – and after time learns to wander and creativity flows through.

When you focus too hard on things you strain to find the answer you have been seeking. If you are able to take time away, and allow yourself to free your mind you can plan better and become more focused in return.

Find something you can do that calms you, where you can take a break from all the technology and stress that surrounds us and capture your best ideas for use later.

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