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How to Judge Your Life Using 3 Simple Questions | Brendon Burchard

Through his life changing story Brendon Burchard shows us that we should live life to the max and enjoy every single moment given to us:

Many of us will simply go through the motions of life, doing what we need to do each day and moving onto the next. Many of us will put things off until another time, or when we think we’ll be at a better mindset to get those important things done. However that day never comes.

We wait, put things off and perhaps never enjoy the moments around us. But we still have time, and that time should begin now before it is too late. Take the time to experience. Take the time to love and feel like never before. Give your knowledge to others, show them how to do the same.

Never live feeling bitter or resentful, that is wasted time in the pursuit of happiness. Live a life full of progress and accomplishment. We all have a reason for living, so find yours.

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